What they say about White Water Rafting in Chico River

The Chico River is for those seeking untamed whitewater thrills offering potentially terrifying drops, ledges, rapids and the most exciting sightseeing trip. Each trip creates the perfect blend of natural exercise, exhilaration and serenity that will make you decide to come back!
-- Melo Villareal, a travel writer and publisher of LakbayPilipinas.com.

Lots of food (including meat), gracious hostess, down to earth people, very patient/caring guides, driver, cooks. simple people with simple needs... anyone will feel right at home with them, and be part of their family. Nice trip, great company!! looking forward to my 3rd trip back with you guys... and conquer TINGLAYAN."
-- Jona, a businesswoman who loves to conquer the river next time around.

Because of my experience in Kalinga, I understand the gross extent of my inherent drive to go to Tabuk, a place that I have never heard of before, nor did I have any idea of what to expect. It was in this town that I felt my spiritual connection to the land of my birth. It was an absolutely amazing experience.
-- Ayreen Rocel Calimquim, a fil-american girl who now works as an english teacher in Kyoto, Japan.

Great trip, great food, great adventure and great company! I'm tired and sore but I look back and I'm pretty darn pleased.
-- Toby Alberto

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The Chico River is never to be conquered but to be respected and protected.